Our Staff

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Meet Our Teams

Pediatrics at St. Louis Children's Hospital
Special Projects
HEY (Health and Education for Youth)
Prevention Team
The SPOT (Supporting Positive Opportunities with Teens)
Adult ID at Washington University School of Medicine




Gregory Storch, MD
Medical Director of
Project ARK

Kim Donica, LCSW
Executive Director of
Project ARK/The SPOT

Katie Plax, MD
Medical Director of
Project ARK/The SPOT

 Tawnya Brown, MSW
Director of Operations

Chardial Samuel, LCSW
Director of Prevention

Julia Schlueter, MPH
Director of Quality

Lawrence Lewis, LMSW
Youth Services Coordinator

Mary Schulte
Administrative Coordinator


Pediatric SLCH


Ericka Hayes, MD
Pediatric Medical Director

Michele Estabrook, MD
Pediatric ID Physician
Phyllis Ballard, RN
Pediatric ID Nurse
 Kelly Nolan, LCSW
Director of WICY Services
 C. Maxey-Brown, RN
Perinatal Nurse Specialist

Debra Colquitt, BS
Perinatal Case Manager

Special Projects

Linda Smith
Treatment Adherence Specialist 
Jeff Glotfelty, MPH
SPNS Project Coordinator
 Stacey Slovacek, MSW
SPNS Project Assistant


 Dana Bowens, MSW
HEY Lead Case Manager
Lisa Jackson-Mclean, B SW
HEY LTC Case Manager
Liz Neuf, MSW
HEY Case Manager






Kelly Righton, LCSW
Director of Prevention





Sarah Garwood, MD
The SPOT Medical Provider

Denise Willers, MD
The SPOT Medical Provider

Sarah Mermelstein, MD
The SPOT Medical Provider

Nicole Carr, BSN, RN 
The SPOT Nurse

Angela Williams, PMH-NP

Jessika Triplett, MA
The SPOT Case Manager

Rochelle Moore, MA
The SPOT Lead Case Manager

Adam Kepka, MA, LPC
The SPOT Mental Health Specialist

Lauren Sullivan, MSW

Gaurav Kaushik, MBBS, MPH, MPE
Coord. of Quality Improvement

Maria Freshman, MA
Project ARK/The SPOT
Data Coordintaor



 Laurie Gilden, MSW
Lead Family Centered Case Manager

Betsy Miller, MSW
Case Manager
Aimee Nolan, BSW
Case Manager
Andrea Armstead, MA
Case Manager
Caprice Johnson, BA
Case Manager
Kathryn Tenkku, MSW
Transition Case Manager
Diane Bates, BA
Patient Retention Specialist
Cheryl Nelson, LCSW
Family Wellness Specialist
Braden Tobin
Young Adult Transition Case Manager