Our Stories


She made me feel like I would be OK.

“When I was first diagnosed nobody in the doctor’s office could convince me I would be OK.  My whole world seemed to change.  I stopped eating with silverware and dishes in fear of infecting my family.  I felt I no longer deserved to be hugged or loved.  I stopped working and began to have a difficult time making ends meet at home.  My case manager referred me to the Peer Support Program where I met my Treatment Adherence Counselor.  Meeting with her changed everything.  She told me her story and how she lives with HIV.  She made me feel like I would be OK.  Since working with her, I started to come to my clinic appointments.  I even started coming to the support group.  She changed my life.”  -NW

Camp Hope

"Camp Hope is the only place that I don't feel different.  I have to keep a big secret when I am at school and even around family members but at camp, everyone is going through the same thing as me and I can just relax, have fun, and be myself."  -CS

"I live a stressful life and just to have three stress-free days brightens my life.  I can't thank you enough; without this I don't have much to look forward to."  -CJ