Part D Consumer Advisory Board

CAB Mission: mission of the Part D/ Project ARK Community Advisory Board is to support all aspects of program planning, implementation, and evaluation for comprehensive services for HIV infected & affected children, youth, women and their families and to support prevention of new HIV –infection among this population.
CAB History: Project ARK Community Advisory Board (CAB) was developed in 1997 with a total of eight members. We currently have about twenty-two members. And are always looking for new members!
Over the years we created a Families Connection newsletter which was distributed to consumer & the families via mail & clinical setting. Information and updates will now be available through the Project ARK website. Client satisfaction and other key surveys have been created from the CAB.
Program PlanningThe CAB has been active in helping to improve Project ARK’s programs and services in many ways. Examples of programs the CAB has helped to plan include:

1) Planning Eat & Learns- The CAB selects topics to improve health/mental health and lunch is provide.  Past topics have included:

      • Disclosure
      • Depression
      • Adherence
      • Hepatitis & HIV
      • Understanding Lab Values

  1. 2) Consumer Quality Improvement - evaluating quality care for clinic setting and provider roles.  Providing feedback on QI activities.
  2. 3) Women’s Christmas Party
  3. 4) Women’s Services Strategic Planning
    How to Get Involved: To learn more about attending CAB meetings and the schedule for upcoming meetings please contact Linda Smith or Kneeshe Parkinson at 652-2444 ext 108.