Case Management

Ryan White Case Management

People living with HIV/AIDS may have a variety of needs, but we believe no one has to face these challenges alone. Our job is to talk with you about your needs, inform you about available resources, and connect you to the help you need.
“Ryan White Case Managers” provide education, support, assistance, and a shoulder to lean on. And help is totally free and confidential. The first step is contacting one of our case management teams. 
- Adults (25 yrs & up): call Laurie Gilden 314-747-1025
- Youth (13-24 yrs): call Dana Bowens 314-747-1022
- Children (under age 13): call Kelly Nolan 314-454-6210
- Pregnant Women: call Debra Colquitt 314-454-2647

Ryan White Services

The federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act provides funding to the St. Louis region so that people living with HIV/AIDS can access the health care and other services they need to stay healthy. Who was Ryan White?
Ryan White funded services are free to eligible persons. A person must enroll with a Ryan White Case Manager to receive funded services. Examples of Ryan White services include: 
  • HIV care & treatment (doctor visits, labs, medications)
  • Assistance with health insurance (co-pays, premiums)
  • Treatment adherence counseling
  • Mental health
  • Dental care
  • Transportation
  • Emergency housing
  • Food/nutrition services

Eligibility for Ryan White Services

Most Ryan White services in the St. Louis area follow the eligibility guidelines listed below. Please call a case manager (contact info above) to learn if you are eligible. 
  • Income at or below 300% federal poverty level (click here for current FPL guidelines)
  • Proof of residency (examples: utility bill, lease, bank statement, government letter)
  • Proof of HIV/AIDS status