Peer Support

St. Louis Peer Support Program

The St. Louis Peer Support Program is a creative way for people living with HIV/AIDS to help each other. Many times, the only people who know what it is really like to live with HIV/AIDS are other people who are going through the same challenges. Peer Advocates (also called “Treatment Adherence Counselors” or "Health Coaches") help newly-diagnosed patients focus on the positive medical outcomes available, and help others living with HIV/AIDS make healthy choices – including keeping medical appointments or taking medications. Through one-on-one meetings, peer advocates provide emotional support, personal stories, and individualized education to help clients achieve their healthcare goals.

Peer Advocates are people living with HIV/AIDS who are successfully sticking to their medical treatment plans. They have also completed extensive training,which make them uniquely qualified to support their peers. 

Peer Advocates are available through the Washington University Infectious Disease Clinic and the St. Louis University New Hope Clinic. Through our partnership with the St. Louis Effort for AIDS, peer advocates are available at select private physician offices in and around St. Louis.

The Family Advisor Program

The Family Advisor Program is a special program focused on Part D populations—women, children and youth. Through the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and other select committees, we recruit people living with HIV/AIDS to respond to the needs of this special population.

 In addition to advocacy, the Family Advisor Program plans special events such as women’s retreats, holiday parties, Camp Hope, and the Holiday Gold for Kids Toy Drive.   These events are designed to help families coping with the stress associated with HIV/AIDS, and keep individuals and families involved with their healthcare teams.

 For more information about the St. Louis Peer Support program or the Family Advisor Program, please contact Kelly Nolan at (314) 652-2444 ext 104.