Welcome to Project ARK

We exist to improve health and reduce healthcare disparities through HIV prevention, care, and support.


Community education and outreach to provide support, combat prejudice, and encourage volunteerism.


Our dedicated staff can help you with medical care, prenatal services, counseling and support groups, just to name a few. 

Get Tested

Project ARK offers free HIV testing on a walk-in basis. Please see our current schedule for availability

Newly Diagnosed

You are taking a very important step just by seeking out this information.  We hope that you will take the next step and act on it.

Program Updates

Look for us at Pride St. Louis and St. Charles Pride this month!

Racial Justice Statement

Our mission is to increase access to health care for those who have been disproportionately impacted by HIV, poverty, trauma, and discrimination. In order to protect and promote the physical and mental health of those we serve, we must work together to dismantle institutional racism and injustice to address the root of these conditions. Together we have a responsibility to ensure that each day is safer and more just than the days before.

Project ARK and WUID condemn all acts of hate, aggression, and disrespect based on race, in particular the recent and historical violence against Black individuals in our communities. We empathize with the anger and pain experienced by the Black community and call on all to confront the
nation’s history of racial injustice.

To the Black individuals of our community
We stand with you. We are here to partner with and learn from you. We will advocate with you for change. You matter.