You are taking a very important step just by seeking out this information. We hope that you will take the next step and act on it. We are here to help and support you. You are not alone.

We offer:

We recommend that newly-diagnosed HIV-positive persons get enrolled in the region’s Linkage to Care program. All services are free and provided on a voluntary basis. Call (314) 356-0200 to obtain assistance with finding a HIV doctor and other support services to managing your new diagnosis.  This confidential line is available for anyone living with HIV in the St. Louis region to obtain resources. Eligibility guidelines must be met for specific service providers.

“When I was first diagnosed nobody in the doctor’s office could convince me I would be OK.  My whole world seemed to change.  I stopped eating with silverware and dishes in fear of infecting my family.  I felt I no longer deserved to be hugged or loved.  I stopped working and began to have a difficult time making ends meet at home.  My case manager referred me to the Peer Support Program where I met my Treatment Adherence Counselor.  Meeting with her changed everything.  She told me her story and how she lives with HIV.  She made me feel like I would be OK.  Since working with her, I started to come to my clinic appointments.  I even started coming to the support group.  She changed my life.”